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    Default Game Boy batteries

    Is there any particular reason why the Game Boy cartridge batteries dont seem to last as long as other consoles'? Ive had to replace the CR1616s in a number of carts. I checked the voltage on my Game and Watch Gallery 2 batt and its somehow still keeping my save file intact even though it is well below 3 volts. its gonna be a bitch to try and get my old scores back on that one so Im really not trying to lose the data. I see there is a way to keep the data intact while doing the swap but Id rather just get the Retrode adapter.

    Pokemon is another game where if my save file crashes I am going to be pissed. not because I have a 100% save file but just because zi find the game so time consuming and to get back to where I am will take a bit. especially the first 30 minutes where you are forced to read all the dialogue and watch how the game is played
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    I haven't noticed or heard about the average Game Boy battery dying faster than batteries in home console games.

    There are, however, some games that keep internal clocks, and that puts more of a strain on batteries than games without such a feature. Some of the Pokemon games are like that, so they're notorious for having dead batteries. And considering how popular they are, it may give the impression that the library in general has a higher rate of dead batteries.

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