Tonight, as the wife is away, the mice (and this big mouse,) are kicking back playing games. I ventured down to the basement and brought up a small tube TV past renters at one of my wife's apartment left behind. A nice little RCA job. I put it on the dining room table along with my NES (that I've had since middle school). I popped in SMB/Duck Hunt and off we went.

Man...I forgot how nice CRT play was.

My son is currently enthralled with Mario. When my 5 year old step son wandered away during a 2 player game, I took control. When I was 13, it never crossed my mind that I'd be showing my children this game.

However, while my son found it neat to see these new levels, he got bored because he wasn't playing. Needless to say, Luigi bit the farm on 8-2 and the system got reset so he could play. Well, I do have Super Mario Land in a GBA next to me...

Anyone else firing up a retro game to ring in the new year? Some Bust A Move 2 on Saturn to see the seasonal cut scenes? A little Animal Crossing to watch the fireworks?