There are dozens of people in the industry who are basically household names at this point; Shigeru Miyamoto, Hideo Kojima, Yu Suzuki, Ralph Baer, Bill Gates, Trip Hawkins, Ed Boon, etc. All of them have brought something unique to the world of gaming but is there any single developer you have the most admiration and/or respect for?

I have to go with Eugene Jarvis. Robotron and Crusin are two of my favorite games. The kind of games he has been involved in are the type of games I like. short, quick, easy to play. I didnt realize it but he actually owns Raw Thrills which is one of the few companies that is still putting out arcade games like Jurassic Park, Nerf Arcade, and H2Overdrive. He never sold out and started designing mobile games as a lot of developers end up doing.

Secondly I have to go with Yu Suzuki. He really dominated the Japanese arcade scene in the 80s. and kept the memories alive through 80s simulators Shenmue 1 and 2.

Of course Miyamoto is basically the reason video games became so widespread in the 80s. and for home consoles yes he was the king at the time. Im just not familiar with much of his work with arcade or pinball games and that is what interests me the most

what are your favorite game developers or designers?