@Slate: that waffle iron you have-is it all silver/chrome on top and bottom with black handles in the front with a dial that has settings like "Waffle" and such? If so, I think I might have the same kind. That thing is awesome with its Teflon coated waffle/griddle plates! The heating elements look fairly straightforward to replace if it ever goes out.

I haven't prowled in a while as I really want to cut back on stuff I don't play. On that note, I am building up my Switch equipment as I recently got a used Switch followed by a few games from Midwest Gaming Classic:
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Prices weren't bad. The Mario 3D package, Pokken Tourney and Smash Bros. were all new sealed but were about $5-10 less than MSRP. I pre-ordered Demon's Tier as it looked dang cool and as I'm a bit of a sucker for MGC, it's the event special edition. I haven't played it yet as two of my older step-sons have dominated it. My lunch breaks have been spent writing D&D adventure stuff for the kids, so I haven't played much in the video game realm. Not that I mind-one of my twins really eats up the lore for her character and between the two of us have hammered out quite the back story between her character and an NPC that I wrote up on a whim that her twin sister up and saved.

I also recently acquired (but not pictured as it's in my laptop bag at work) a Breath of the Wild themed wireless Switch controller by PowerA. It looks hardly used and the store had it priced at $19.99. As I looked around, I saw another but at $44.99. Guess which one I bought..... Thankfully it seems to work just fine.