Yeah, the Turbo Touch 360+ is yellow on the Genesis - I have one someplace, bought a long time ago out of curiosity. This one is by a different company, and the dongle looped on to the cable is a big bulky adaptor that will convert it to a SNES controller. And now I'm wondering if the adaptor will convert any Genesis controller for SNES use, and how would it map the 6-button layout to the 4-button SNES.

Yesterday I went to a Movie Trading Company store and found a PS3 version of Doctor Who - The Eternity Clock. It's always weird to find European import games in the wild like this. I quickly looked up on my phone whether or not the PS3 was region-locked, and bought it. It was $39.99. I would post a picture but (a) I just bought the newe iPhone SE 2020 edition and taking a picture of the cover is giving me some really weird facial ID markings all over the image which never happened on my old iPhone, and (b) ImgBB which hosts my photos has decided to barely work so I can't upload a picture with a little box drawn around the Doctor's face that labels it FaceID:3.