There was a swap meet in portland last weekend. Formerly PRGE swap meet, now its Sidequest games Expo... still a swap meet really though...

anyway i got a few things:

I got this stack o stuff:
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Namco Museum Vol 1 (PSX) $5 Complete
DS Browser (DS) $1 Loose
SMB/duckhunt (NES) $5 Loose
Metal Gear (NES) $5 Loose
Daganronpa Decadence (Switch) $40 Complete
Super Bomberman R (Switch) $10 Complete
School Girl Zombie Hunter (PS4) Complete $18
Shiren The Wanderer (Wii) New $15 minus a stack of trades
Midtown Madness 3 (Xbox) No Manual $5
Munch's Odyssey (Xbox) No Manual $3
2x Jampack (PS2) Complete $8
Maze Runner 3d (MS) Complete $4
F-16 Fighting Falcon (MS) No Manual\Sleeve $4
Rocky (MS) Complete $4
Lotus II (Gen) Complete $4
Gunship (PSX) Complete $20

Most of this stack came out of dump bins with random crap labeled $5 ea but when you get a whole stack of them you can usually get a few bucks off. Both NES carts, all MS games, the Gen game and Munch's Odyssey came from these bins. I also had a stack load more but i actually traded them to other sellers for more than what i paid and even more than the $5 they were asking. Most of them went to one seller who was kind of an asshole. I traded most of what i got not even 30 minutes before, plus a stack of doubles i brought with me, mostly wii and PS2 common but desirable games like KoF and Mario games twards Shiren the Wanderer. This guy didnt have anything priced, was looking all the prices up on pricecharting, which is ok but dude they wont sell them selves and so many people dont know about pricecharting still, price your shit. He then asks what percent i am looking for with them and i told him 50%, which is very generous for any thing at this rate and they are games that sell, he says he'll do it but he normally only does 35% on credit to trades and then preceeds to say this stuff wont sell and that it'll sit around (see again dont be a lazy shit and price your crap). at that point i shoulda walked but i was like what ever.
then after he asks what pricecharting says for Shiren, i tell him about $105 as new. Suddenly hes asking $125 for it and saying hes going to give me $90 for my stack. Uh no i say, i'll do an even swap. he says no and i countered with +$15 or i'm walking and he takes it. I'm certain 50% of of that stack of games was a bit more than just $90 but what ever. As i am leaving he is just stuffing the cased games into his stock, never checking any of them. I coulda sold him a dvd case with dog crap in it at this point. wont buy from him again.

most of the rest of the deals were cool people except who ever i bought gunship from. I check discs religiously but i totally missed something on this one. For one theres a clear sticker on the top side that had tiny printing on the edge that i only noticed after i got home. I thought oh crap, so i flip it and check it in decent light and sure enough theres a crack in the disc, no mention about it anywhere or in person, nothing. Dick move. Going to have to start taking a flashlight with me i guess, it was pretty dark in there.

Most of these were impulse. i seek out longbox games, and dagonronpa i hear has a board game game as one of the 4 included games. been itching for a good new fortune street type game. Super Bomberman R looks like a misprint, my other copy was plain white text like most other games and it was cheap.

I've been getting into OG xbox games lately, theres an interesting array, probably because they were new and willing to take the risks on games that were different or out there, plus licensing was probably pretty cheap. Plus they are cheap now but i dont think they will be for much longer. they seem to be picking up. Wii is picking up too

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Swag\lanyards $10
Broken Anikin 43¢
Murlok Skylander $1
Loose Xbox games $4 ea.

Broken Anikin was sold as a flatware knife at goodwill, skylander murlok guy was at the swap meet. i got them to mess around with a RFID programmer i found at goodwill a few months back. i also kept the hotel room keys for the same reason.
I was hoping to use one of the figures as a RFID key to get into work with but my work key is a different frequency than the skylander and hotel key and the infinity figure isnt a supported frequency at all on my device.
I blew the mind of the guy i bought the skylander from. he hadnt thought of that and thought it was a great idea

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i'm gonna frame it like this, like how taxidermists will frame pelts of animals in the big gawdy frames