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    Default Question for eBay power users

    Disclaimer: I contacted eBay and they werent able to help me.

    I want to know how much my shipping discount will be BEFORE I list an item. The last thing I sold normally wouldve been $4.57 but since I printed off the label myself it only cost me $3.36. That is a massive discount if I am selling a very cheap item. profit margins get very tight at that point of $4-6 items.

    Is there a rough estimate as to how much the discount will be generally or is it a progressive rate similar to tax brackets? Or a flat rate altogether? I like to know how much something will actually cost to ship before I list an item. from what eBay told me the only way to know is once the item sells. and it sounds like eBay negotiates these prices.

    So has anyone found a general rule of thumb for this? Ive been Baying since 06 and never got this far into the weeds with it til now

    nevermind figured it out
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