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Thread: lets talk about the Sim games

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    Default lets talk about the Sim games

    The Sim games were a big part of my life growing up. Sim City 2000, SimSafari, SimTown, SimPark, SimAnt, and SimTower. I have to admit that SimTown was my favorite. I liked that there was a lot more detail than in Sim City 2000. It almost felt like a zoomed in Sim City. Pacing was a little slower which I enjoyed.

    Sim City 2000 I recently went back and played and man what a genius product that was. The background music was outstanding. to this day I still throw on a Youtube video of the OST now and then. I really liked reading the newspaper articles that popped up now and then. Really witty and clever stuff.

    These "God simulators" I feel kinda paved the way into Farmville and similar apps of the 2010s but these games came out before microtransactions and what not and it was all about the gameplay.

    I never made anything worth talking about but it was always fun to just keep a balance with everything going on in the game. I dont think I beat a single one of these games.

    Its interesting that The Sims is the only series to survive after all these years. I am curious as to what degree Maxis and Yoot Saito are still involved with the games or with the industry in general. I wonder what they did after making all those games
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    You'd think it would be a no-brainer for EA to bundle up the old games and stick them on Origin. I'm sure they'd make plenty of money from people wiling to add them to their backlogs with no intent of actually playing them.

    I wonder if all hope for SimRefinery is truly lost?

    Anyway, Will Wright is still doing stuff, at least, or so it seems.
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