Doing a follow-up sale to the last even which generated a lot of excitement. We have some truly legit stuff listed for every kind of collector and will be adding more all week - including several titles listed in the great RacketBoy top collectible articles!

Some Highlights
-all listings are a penny starting bid
-Many games sealed and unplayed
-A significant number of new, sealed Limited Run Games titles including Saturday Morning RPG, Shantae and more!
-Several incredible Lunar Silver Star pieces including the Ghaleon puppet and possibly the only remaining Lunar 2 PSOne promotional package with varying box art from the final box as was sold in stores!!
-Several sealed PS4 titles including exclusives, steelbooks and more
-Lots of PS3 releases, many Ex's
-Lots of PSOne titles across the week which will include Spider, Tron Bonne and more!
-Promotional posters across the week!
-Limited Run Games Cards
-The scarce boxed, Christmas Edition Turbo Grafx16!
-Much, much more!

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