It is hard to give a subjective opinion without regarding a console's library but if you can, please rank your favorite consoles simply on merits of...

- reliability
- ease of use
- features
- ease of repair
- ergonomics
- aesthetic appeal
- controllers

I just replaced the clock battery on my Gamecube. It is a launch system meaning my mom bought it in November 2001. The clock just couldnt keep up. It was very easy to replace it. And it got me thinking. The system has worked perfectly beyond just the battery. The laser hasn't needed replacing, buttons all work, etc. And all in all it is a sturdy and well built system. I remember when it came out people criticized the color and the handle but it does make moving it around easier.

The controllers hold up really well even though my Wavebirds arent working properly. But I cant knock any points for that.

This was really the last system they made before console breakdowns became the norm. Im not sure if they had outlawed lead components at this point and thats the reason or what.

The only other systems that I feel have aged just as gracefully and were just all around perfect for gaming are the GBA SP, and the slim PS2. The opening top door on the console meant it was less prone to failure, the system was quiet, and just all around was sturdy. The same cant be said for the Xbox which sounds like a jet engine taking off and whose capacitors have been known to leak and cause motherboard damage (havent heard of this being an issue with other consoles yet as of this typing.)

Sega never really made a truly good system that can stand the test of time but Id say the Genesis model 2 has fared pretty well. I havent player a Saturn.