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Thread: 8 Eyes (NES)

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    Default 8 Eyes (NES)

    Well, look what I found on Steam: 8 Eyes from the NES! $7 seems like a fair price to me and I believe that you get a NES ROM included with the purchase, making it applicable to your NES / Famicom emulator of choice. I find a PC release (even if emulated instead of a native port) surprising given that 8 Eyes is Castlevania 2-like, uncommon, and quite difficult. It is just not something with a big fan following.

    As it turns out, the publisher on Steam is Piko Interactive, LLC. As a matter of fact, Piko has about 50 games with them listed as publisher on Steam. Looking at the catalog, most of them could be classified as "8-bit and 16-bit games for consoles and computers from back-in-the-day without big fan followings." So while it is a bit odd to focus on publishing games that are mostly mediocre and largely forgotten, it is nice to see that these games are being made available as digital downloads for reasonable prices.

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    I bought 8 Eyes for my NES collection based on someone's recommendation, but haven't tried the game yet. I recently per-orderd an Evercade handheld console and included the PIKO Collection 1 cartridge with it. It had the largest list of games of any of the Evercade cartridges available to pre-order and included 8 Eyes.
    - Brave Battle Saga
    - Water Margin
    - Magic Girl
    - Dorke and Ymp
    - Switchblade
    - Way of the Exploding Fist
    - NightShade
    - Top Racer
    - Tinhead
    - Radical Rex
    - Jim Power The Lost Dimension
    - 8-Eyes
    - The Immortal
    - Dragon View
    - Drakkhen
    - Power Punch II
    - Power Piggs of the Dark Ages
    - Iron Commando
    - The Humans
    - Canon Legends of the New Gods

    I had bought some complete boxed games from PIKO before, such as Dorke and Ymp. And I knew that they had acquired the rights to and were selling repro's of Iron Commando, a Super Famicom game I paid quite a bit for. But I never knew they had acquired so many other well known games already in my collections. I'm especially curious if Magic Girl is the unlicensed cute-em uo for the Sega genesis.

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    The key to 8-eyes is to go through the mansions in the right order.. its a game you might enjoy more if you watch a playthrough after trying it a few times, then try and beat it
    otherwise its quite hard

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    Also if you don't know to look for the jewel placement clues hidden in the walls of each level the game can't be finished. If you bought it without instructions you wouldn't even know to search.
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