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Thread: Neo 25 (MVS) compartment key replacement?

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    Default Neo 25 (MVS) compartment key replacement?

    Hi everyone!

    I was recently gifted two Neo 25 "candy cabs" from a local pizza chain. Awesome!

    But I've hit a snafoo... The keys!

    I need them in order to open all the areas, like the coin slot, coin mechanism, and even the compartment where I remove and plug in the carts. One of the cabs has the lock broken through, which is perfect (contained three carts). But the other locks are, well, locked. The other cab as ALL the locks...locked.

    I don't wish to use a drill on them, but either find a replacement or find a way to open them with no damage. Any ideas?

    The locks are the round ones.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Sounds like a good time to start watching thelockpickinglawyer clips on youtube.

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    I'm sure you've already figured this out by now but aren't those tubular locks usually picked with a Bic pen?

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