Hasbro’s new line of Tiger Electronic handhelds will launch with four titles in the Fall, including Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Disney’s Little Mermaid, Marvel X-Men Project X, and Transformers Generation 2. They are all available for pre-order from GameStop right now for about $15 each. Each game is based on the original versions available decades ago, but with updated designs which ensures these won’t be fooling collectors on eBay as original copies.
In fairness, we actually had a lot of fun with some of the basic handhelds back in the 80's. This was pre-Game Boy, and they made sports games and some other simple Space Invader clones that were a lot of fun and cheap. Once the GB and Lynx came around, Tiger should have closed up shop. Instead they continued to license EVERYTHING on the planet and make shit. If your family couldn't afford a $50 Jurassic Park console game, you got a $20 Tiger hunk of crap.