It is not my listing, but I wanted to make sure that any collector who is looking for this game is able to find it. Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation 2 On-line is not the rarest of the rares or even the rarest Dreamcast game, but it is one of the rarer ones. While the offline Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation 2 is not too difficult to find, its online counterpart is. Thankfully most sellers don't realize this so when one is listed on eBay, it is generally given a reasonable price instead of the crazy usual asking prices for 2D Capcom or SNK games for the Dreamcast (that might be high but still get sold thanks to supply and demand setting those larger market prices).

Asking price: GBP 29.99
Approximately US $38.31

Expedited Shipping to US: GBP 16.95
Approximately US $21.65
(The seller ships worldwide with some exclusions.)

Looking to sell Racing Simulation 2: Monaco Grand Prix Online PAL Sega Dreamcast

This item is in a good overall condition and will come well packaged as photo’d

1 hinge from the front casing has broken off
Monaco Grand Prix Racing Simulation 2 On-line on eBay