This is a bit convoluted so please bear with me. Im currently working on a little project involving a Nintendo Switch, its basically a total overhaul of the console.

For my purposes, all I need to keep are basically the main unit guts.

I got this idea that if I purchased the Animal Crossing variant, I could probably find someone who already has a regular Switch but would very much like to give it the Animal Crossing makeover.

Cream colored Switch dock casing
Pastel Joy-cons with matching straps
Tablet backplate with the engraved Animal Crossing theme
(I could also give away the AC-themed box, if someone wants it for their collection.)

For me this is a win because I can offset the cost of the internals I need. For the buyer it could be a chance to get the limited edition Animal Crossing gear without having to buy an expensive complete Switch bundle.

I know its a long shot, but would anyone be interested in buying these items?

If anything isn't clear feel free to ask!