So, I've never picked up The Division or The Division 2 because the games are online only and the second game was on sale for $3 on PSN. Amazing deal, and since it's online only I don't mind the digital purchase. So I picked it up, and this game is indeed worth $3. Now it's not bad, but let me actually start from the beginning.

The beginning of this gen is the first time I've played a Far Cry game with Far Cry 4. The game is actually fairly good, with outposts to take over, and despite the AI being okay ish, it was enjoyable, atleast for a short while which I got bored with it. Why? Because like every Assassin's Creed I played on the PS3, of which I only played two, the content you progressed through was the same content retooled in a different manner. It just became very monotonous.

I later on purchased Watch Dogs, and the AI all controlled identical to how they did in Far Cry 4. Now to be fair, the driving and the optional content even though reused, I really enjoyed it, The content though did have you think about how to get through some, like finding the QR codes that are in a specific location but maybe on two completely different buildings and you had to be at a very specific location to examine it, etc. Overall good. One thing this game did though is it had a cover system that is very specific, and the reason I mention this cover system is because the next game.

Ghost Recon Wildlands. Now, Ghost Recon Wildlands is literally Far Cry in third person, but what's more is the cover system that was used in this game is identical to the one used in Watch Dogs, the AI is once again identical, oh you can tag enemies and see them through walls. This wasn't just like playing Far Cry but in third person, I was literally playing Watch Dogs but in a jungle.

So, I didn't think The Division 2 would be the exact same game, The Division 2 really looked a lot like Army of Two which is a really enjoyable series I liked, but I went and started playing it and I am once again playing a carbon copy of games I've already played. The storyline in this game is just like Wildlands where you're briefed but you have a silent protagonist who doesn't say a word and that's literally all the story is. The story is well, for lack of a better term, shit. These games might have actually interested me but the game is just too much the same thing over and over.

The worst bit of it, is that Ubisoft puts together these copy and paste open worlds. I'm walking down the streets in The Division 2 and nothing even stands out as unique. I finish with a mission and then I'm required to run all the way across the map back to the person I received the mission from, fighting random battles in THE EXACT SAME LOCATION EVERY TIME. It's like, oh, well I'm passing the "random battle area" so looks like I better scan to see where the enemies are, let me just do the same thing, move into position to kill as many as I can quickly and then have a fire fight with the rest of them, etc.

I told this to a friend and he reminded me of a video Jim Sterling released. I've actually seen this video before but completely forgot about it.

Now of course this doesn't mean everything. The rare game they release like Child of Light, which was a decent Grandia rip off, Rayman Origins and Legend which are the same but both good, etc. But for most of their releases I'm done with Ubisoft games. Ubisoft has turned generic monotony into an art form.