I am an old player of arcade games and I still love these games from the 80s.
Last year I discovered the world of TAS (Tool Assisted Speedrun/Superplay) and I wanted to see TAS of my favorites arcade games, but after searching the internet I was disappointed to see that there was not much contents.
On TasVideo.com there is only TAS of fighting games, nearly none of good old games.
So I decided to make them myself. And it is really fun to do, more so than I anticipated.
If you want so see the result of my work, I have begun a youtube channel dedicated to TAS of old arcade games.
Prog61 YouTube Channel

Some games I have done so far:
  • Asteroids: 100,000 in 4:26
  • Tutankham: 12 stages
  • Frogger: 10 levels in 5:20
  • Galaxian: 5K in 0.45
  • Galaga: 31 stages in 10:54
  • Wacko: 24 levels in less than 5 minutes
  • Hyper Sports: 351,390 in 1 round
  • Space Invaders: 5490 points on wave 1 (15 UFO)
  • Paperboy: Hard Way 681,616 Grand Slam 1,331,863

If you think of a game that would be funny to see in TAS or if you know of a glitch/bug that I can demonstrate, please let me know.