Hopefully the late Steve Jobs and the moron media did not utterly ruin Flash gaming.

It is all but impossible to list the really good Flash games. From "Bejeweled" (I have the XML file) to "Armadillo Knight" to the "JollyJong" games to the "Kveendolnitza" games to the "Taptiles" games the list is endless.

I managed to download and play offline many such games. This includes the fantastic tower defense games like the "Gem Craft" games. They are literally as good as games you'd buy on Steam or GOG, and since it's not hard knowing how to find and save the Flash files used to save games in progress you have that as well.

An obvious advantage Flash had over HTML5 is that a single standard was followed. Even the crummy netbook's Flashlite did this, it just cannot play as many SWF games as a "real" computer can. With HTML5 you cannot be certain if a particular browser can handle the game, and any update could cause it to malfunction. Unless the game needs much too much power (e.g. "Cubis Creatures" even offline for the old 256MB RAM Sony and Dell) Flash even works years later on new and antique hardware.

Does anyone else here still play these games? If so, which are your favorites?