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Thread: Just my humble collection of loose N64 games.

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    Default Just my humble collection of loose N64 games.

    Just showing not selling or trading, also have a question and appreciate your comments, thoughts, opinions 😎😉Now, I typically use my Everdrive but I have a pretty small but ok collection of original carts. I think I got most in a lot some time back, Ogre Battle 64 was sent to me from a fellow youtuber who said it was a good one. I would definitely play most of these happily though Quest 64 I have heard is not so great? Also, I am not much of a Pokemon fan in any capacity but I think it requires a separate accessory pak which I have but it is missing the Mic that plugs into it. Anyone know if I can plug any mic with a plug that fits? Maybe the mic from my Dreamcast vmu for playing Seaman? That would be a funny alternative. Of course Shadows of the Empire, Resident Evil 2 and Goldeneye are my favorites, of the rest does anyone have a favorite or even one you cannot stand? Thanks.
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    SotE, DK64, MK64 are my favorites out of those. Quest 64 isnt the greatest but its different and a breath of fresh air if all youve been playing are 1st-party games. there are a ton of racers on the N64 I still like playing to this day

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    As far as I know, Hey You, Pikachu does require a mic, and it has to be the mic developed for the N64. Quest 64 is indeed pretty lame. It's literally a half-finished game. I don't know why they rushed it to market, but it could've been decent if they put more time in it, which they did with the Japanese release. It's strange that it came out in the US prior to Japan even though it was developed in Japan, but the Japanese version is a little more polished. My favorite game out of those is Mario Kart 64.

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    i think you might have more n64 games than i do

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