So I've had a LaserActive in my collection for quite awhile, but could never test the Laser Disc part until now when I finally purchased a few games. However, I definitely recall in the past being able to open and close the tray without issue (just to see that giant tray come out!)

For clarity's sake, this is a Japanese unit, and I have a proper voltage converter to power it with 100v (I am in USA).

So I went to put in one of the discs and the console went BERSERK and I have not been able to recover from whatever happened, I'll do my best to explain.

1) The tray no longer opens or closes via the button on the console, or via the menu. HOWEVER, it will randomly open and close itself completely fine upon power on/off. Sometimes when opens, it doesn't seem to realize that it has opened all the way and the motors in the back will continue to spin FOREVER, even though it's already fully opened.

2) To be further bizarre.. The console menu renders completely fine when the tray is open. In color, visible, no problem. But when the tray is closed, it becomes grey and completely distorted, almost like it's displaying in PAL? It does this with or without a disc in it. But once I manage to get the tray open (again, randomly with powering on and off) the menu is displayed normally, in color. I can also run the Genesis and TG16 PACs totally fine. All in color, no problem. It is only when not using a PAC, and only when the tray is closed, does the grey distortion kick in. The discs I have are english NTSC, but again, the grey kicks in even without a disc in it, as long as the tray is closed.

3) Regardless of all of that, if I manage to get the tray open, manage to get a disc in and tray closed again, and even though the grey distorted video, I cannot get an LD game to launch. Once I hit play from the menu, nothing happens that I can tell. The two games I tried were Pyramid Patrol and Rocket Coaster.

I am not an electronics expert by any means, but I did take it apart to do a poor man's job at glancing in. I was not able to see any specific things that stood out to me as damaged (wires, boards, etc).

Is this thing just completely done for or... is there something I can do about this? Thank you!