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Thread: Delisted digital only games collectable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aussie2B View Post
    Then again, I have seen people brag about their ROM "collections" once in a great while. Some people are weird.
    Well if you manage to get ROMs for rare unreleased games or fan translated ones I can see people being thrilled to possess those, or just to take in the thought that it's actually possible to possess entire libraries of various consoles so easily now with so little storage space taken up.

    In terms of monetary value, do any of these ROMs hold any once they've been leaked public in some way? I don't think they do, which is how I see all digital only games.

    I actually planned to bring up ROMs in this thread but checking now you beat me to it.

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    I'm not aware of fan-distributed ROMs having monetary value under any circumstances. I know people sometimes collectively donate to someone who owns a prototype in order to get them to dump it, and I know sometimes people pay bounties to get a fan translation project started, but I'm not aware of any cases where the people who contributed the money are the only ones to receive the ROM or patch. It would probably be a fruitless pursuit anyway, since somebody would likely share what they have, and before you know it, it'd be everywhere. And that's on top of the retro gaming community generally not looking too favorably on people who hoard stuff like this, since, among other reasons, it's not good preservation practice to keep a ROM among only a select few.

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    I have seen consoles loaded with the scott pilgrim game go for a little more than one with a standard console.

    also remember the flappy bird thing?
    Not real gaming in my mind but it was a thing similar to what we are talking about

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