Still rooting for the would-be dead underdog game system OUYA, a group of enthusiasts and developers have resurrected the OUYA servers and are continuing to support the Cube that Could! This year marks the system's 7th Anniversary. Click the links below to kick out the Jam and get your OUYA back to life.

OUYA Anniversary Game Jam 2020

How to bring your OUYA back to life

For OUYA owners that used it in the past, by following the instructions on the second link above, you will see the Discovery store once again with new games. I just brought my OUYA up from the basement last night for some Bombsquad but I didn't check to see if the 2020 Game Jam titles were available. I did see the 2019 Game Jam group there, however.

I jumped in on the Kickstarter on the OUYA, loving the idea behind it and I still do.