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Thread: PC Engine Repair

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    Default PC Engine Repair

    A little while ago I was having issues with my PC Engine DUO-R, it would not power up. I sent it to turbografxfan on eBay. It turns out that all that was wrong was cracked solder joints on the Power, AV, and controller ports. He got it fixed up and shipped back quickly. He had about a one week backlog before he could get to mine. His price was very cheap to repair it, I think it cost me more to ship it back and forth. I just wanted to give him a plug since you can't leave feedback for services and say I got excellent service and a great price. I contacted him via eBay's Specialty Services.

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    Yeah, ports coming loose is a common problem with the Duo-R and Duo-RX, but it's a pretty easy fix thankfully. I find the Turbo scene is also really great when it comes to repair info, services, and fair prices for repairs. I've yet to have a problem with my NEC systems that me or my husband couldn't handle ourselves, but I'm glad all these folks are out there.

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