Okay so...

Awhile back, I looked at a "What's New" news post on the Switch, and it mentioned Gradius getting an Arcade Archives release.

Problem... Gradius is already on the Switch, via a compilation called like Konami Arcade Classics or something, along with its sequel and several other shmups. So... why exactly is there a separate stand-alone release? Is that better in some way?

Just now I looked at the newest "What's New on the eShop", and... one thing listed is a Samurai Shodown compilation.

Except... all of those, including the "Special" version of SamSho V, were also all available via Arcade Archives. From what I see the only thing different about this compilation is it includes a new "Perfect" version of SamShoV you can't get separately.

I'm just not entirely sure I see the point.