Hello all! My name is Ricardo and Iíve been trying to get help on game systems that are problematic but canít seem to find the correct issue as to whatís going on with these systems.... I am not a hardcore collector but more of a repairman 👨*🔧 for computers electronics and video games and consoles. Iím very passionate about seeing older systems live longer so folks could get to enjoy them like we all did. I try my best to look up and research problems that Iím having before you make a thread. The following systems Iím trying to repair are

1) a Model 2 Genesis, motherboard rev VA0. Games play and work fine, no graphical glitches.. just freezes.

2) a SNES og model w the sound module. It turns on but no signal or audio whether RF or multi out. TV always says no signal as well.

Please lemme know what I should do to approach these systems thanks.