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Thread: The "Second Quarter:" Documentaries and Books about the Modern History of Computer and Video Games (2000 - 2020)

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    Default The "Second Quarter:" Documentaries and Books about the Modern History of Computer and Video Games (2000 - 2020)

    Almost all books and documentaries about the history of video games are about what happened in the twentieth century. While that is what I am most interested in, I'd also like to know "what happened next." Yes, I lived through both, but it would be nice to watch a video series or read a book about what's been happening in the world of video and computer games from say 1995 or 2000 through the present to recollect what I know and add to what I thought I knew. The 1900's were a revolutionary time for video games, but history didn't stop there.

    What are some media which describe what has been happening for the past two decades? What are your recommendations?

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    While I haven't read any myself, Boss Fight Books has some books covering some individual games released within the last 20 years:

    I'm guessing more recent years aren't covered as thoroughly because of the mystique of early gaming, when the internet either didn't exist or barely had any official content related to games. Back then, the public didn't really know anything beyond what magazines would print. Now you can easily follow a game and its staff from the initial reveal all the way through release and beyond. There aren't as many "secrets", and the documentation of everything is just a Google search away. And when it comes to the deep, behind-the-scenes stuff that doesn't make its way online, I don't think developers are too inclined to talk until there's more distance between the release and the present.

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    Rusel De Maria wrote but couldn't publish his Xbox book series "Game of X" originally. I see that it's now available in print on these sites, although the eBook is probably found on many sites. He also expanded the High Score illustrated book to include more recent topics.
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