So recently, this was on sale on the Switch eshop and I bought it, and honestly... I kinda like Wonder Boy in Monster Land so far.

I recall playing it a long time ago in the distant past, but back then I think I preferred its sequel, Wonder Boy The Dragon's Trap (which I played on the TG16 under the name "Dragon's Curse").

But playing WBiML now tho... I feel like there isn't enough like it.

And the thing is, its actually hard to pin down what being "like" Monster Land is, because a couple of other games do feel like they scratch similar itches. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link for example, and even some aspects of Hollow Knight. I'm sure nobody but me has ever thought that those three games have anything in common before (and honestly, its hard to pin down what points of commonality I'm seeing.... with Hollow Knight its mostly the swordplay and the way coins drop from defeated enemies, but all three have a sort of "plays like a platformer, feels like an RPG" sort of thing going on).

Monster Land makes me wonder why there weren't more attempts at this "RPG for the arcade" thing. Its paradoxically relaxing despite the time limit. The only other thing I can think of is Cadash.

Also yes I'm aware of Monster Land's own sequels, which I need to pick up at some point.

But besides that, anyone know any games they would call "similar to Wonder Boy in Monster Land?"