Hello everybody,

I'm planning on making a mini-documentary on 7Up's Cool Spot contest (along with other promotional games that were released at the time). For those not aware, 7Up released a promotional game for the Super Nintendo called "Cool Spot." If you completed the game with 100% completion, you were asked to take a picture of the screen, which you could send it to receive a prize. My little brother and I completed the game back in the day, but the contest had already ended by the time we could claim the prize, and we always wondered what could have been...

In my quest to learn more about this contest over the years, I have only ever come up empty. A few people in old forum posts claimed to win, but there is no consistency about what the prize was, and no proof from anybody that anything was ever received.

There was a forum post here back in the day: https://forum.digitpress.com/forum/s...OOL-SPOT-PRIZE, but user @MasterWeedo was flamed into oblivion for using all caps without anybody responding. So I ask again:

Did anybody here win a prize? What was it? Does anybody else have any details about the contest they'd be willing to share? Any leads about who I might be able to contact?

Thank you,