😎😍Well, that is just awesome, a while ago I read in a Silent Hill Facebook Group post someone asked about replaying Silent Hill 2, I have only played it originally on the PS2, someone mentioned to be sure to play the version that has the Maria sub scenario “Born From a Wish” and amazingly I never have! 😮 I loaded it up from the extended PS2 edition in PCSX2 emulator, looks and plays great, never thought I would be playing and experiencing anything Silent Hill 2 related that was new to me. LOVING THIS! The best part is in emulation I can far higher resolutions than the PS2 could ever run natively, works perfectly with my wireless Xbox 360 gamepad (like movement, drawing firing weapon, run, look etc were instantly configured!) and unlike some older PC ports of some PS2 games there is no issues with compatibility or requirements with newer versions of Windows.

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