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Thread: Wei Ya Chassis Repair Questions

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    Default Wei Ya Chassis Repair Questions

    So I'm trying to repair a Wei Ya chassis (model 821H that had a vertical of 37ohms and a horizontal of 2.7ohms). When turned on, the usual "whine" characteristic to CRTs is magnified at least 5x and I get a pale dark blue horizontal line in the middle of the screen (visible only when cranking the brightness of the flyback).

    I reflowed all the solder points for every NPN transistor and electrolytic capacitor. No improvement.

    I thought it could be vertical deflection issues. Found out that instead of having one transistor for the job, it uses two of them: a 2SD1138 and a 2SB861. Should I replace them? Could there be another underlying issue? Hell, I pondered on replacing all capacitors and NPN transistors on the unit, but it could be overkill.

    Any help would be awesome.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I get vertical collapse on my Mortal Kombat. I remember reading about what to replace but couldnt remember what it was exactly. IC something maybe

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