I read an article on NintendoLife regarding AC: New Horizons. Apparently if you got the game as a Christmas gift and haven't "leveled up" your town high enough, you were not able to participate in the holiday festivities (Toy Day or New Years).

Personally, I think that kinda stinks, especially if you're a long time AC player. There was never any "requirement" to enjoy those events before, so why make it one now especially since it was hyped in emails and such from Nintendo? Lazy programming to not want to accomodate different progress situations?

The comments ranged from the events being "meh" to "oh just wait until next year". Granted games and their issues are more "first world" problems, but is it a bit daft of Nintendo to omit brand spanking new players from enjoying a holidy event because they haven't upgraded enough yet? Or is this more of the player feeling "entitled"? I lean on the former because it's a holiday for crying out loud- it's not like they are giving out gold shovels you need to wotk toward.