I know that I've talked about this before, but due to the fact that every year, more and more game systems, cartridges and accessories get butchered in order to "modernize" them, the fewer unadultered, virgin, original pieces of hardware there are on the marketplace. A real collector, i.e. someone who has the money, is not going to seek out systems with modified screens, or "new pin connectors" new A/V ports, custom LED lights, etc. They want ORIGINAL and functional equipment. And secondary to that, they want functional equipment with minimal replaced parts just to get it actually working.

I saw an ad for an original arcade machine that said something to the effect of "new LCD that replaces the old outdated CRT". Ummm... isn't the game itself "outdated?" Have you ever played an arcade machine with a modded LCD display? It looks like absolute garbage!! Like you'd rather stick knives in your eyes than look at it.

Now... if the screen is dead and there is zero option for replacing it with the same size CRT tube, fine. Put in an LCD. But that is a last resort. Keep it true to the feeling of playing the game in 1989.