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Thread: Broken Dreamcast RF modulator

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    Default Broken Dreamcast RF modulator

    The pin on the part that actually goes into the TV broke off. Is the RF modulator trash at this point or has anyone ever repaired this? I imagine if I could get access to the cable itself and push a new wire through, that would due the trick but I don't even know where to start. It's not a serviceable part so there's no screws you can take off. I could wedge a screwdriver along the grooves to try and pry it off and go from there I suppose. just dont want to break anything

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    i dont think i've ever seen a dreamcast rf modulator.

    like most things it had to go together, its probably held together with plastic tabs and clips on the inside, try squeezing along the seam and see if any gaps show where you can kind of get an idea of where a thin screwdriver or nylon pry tool could go in, some times you can get them to unclip this way too

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