I bought this game years ago and never really played past the first level. However, I picked it up again today and managed to get halfway through level 4 on Easy mode, using Feather 1. The first two stages are a breeze but it really kicks it up a notch at level 3. The torpedoes that come at you from the big ships are hard to dodge at first but it seems that as long as theyre not on the screen as they come near you, they dont hit you.

This is one of those early rudimentary looking 3D games and I really like the angular look of everything, similar to Virtua Racing and Virtua Fighter. It's a shame this game had to live in the shadow of Star Wars Arcade because I really think it's a fantastic game that shows off what the 32X is capable of.

Has anyone tried the 2-player mode? Kinda wondering what that is like.