5. Schezo. When that man scores a five-chain, women swoon, and his way with words inspires fun and laughter wherever he goes!

4. A great positive message for young girls: if you're good at puzzle games, there's a high chance godlike beings will fall in love with you. As will half the universe, but the godlike beings will be the most obvious about it.

3. The minority representation is on-point. Right out of the gate the entire game is staffed with noodle-people, magicians, people with horns, robots, and spaceship owners. I'm sure a few minorities are missing but, you can't include everyone.

2. The second game finally informed me that the name "Marle" is pronounced "Mar-ull," not "Mar-lee" like I... I mean, my silly ignorant friends.... have been saying since Chrono Trigger. I don't have to eat humble pie, no sirree...

1. It renders the entire field of falling-blocks puzzle games null and voice, since you've already got the two best ones in one package. I'm sure one day someone will try "Columns Meets Puzzle Fighter" but will that really be as good? (I mean, I guess if it includes a chibi Hsien-ko from Darkstalkers again...)