Since I am stuck at home like many folks, I have been trying to clean up and organize things. My most recent project is organizing my games, music, and movies. Given that various creative works are being "memory-holed" left and right, I'm inclined to stock up on some physical media...but I don't want to do that before figuring out what I have first.

I'm left wondering what I should do with some of these CDs. What about my installation discs for Starcraft + Brood War? The game is free now on Battle.Net; I don't need these, I suppose? Don't want to get rid of them, though. And Age of Empires II + The Conquerers...I have the Definitive Edition on Steam. What do I do with these?

Some of these don't work on modern OSes, either. Tried installing Tiberian Sun + Firestorm only to have it not work - eventually found that they'd given away an installer for it a few years back. As I go through these I'm sure I'll find more. And System Shock works great on Steam. What do I do with the old CD?

I'm also not sure I'm ever going to play some of these. I have a game called "Stolen" that I barely remember purchasing...not even sure if it's any good.

What's everyone else doing with their old PC games? Especially ones where they're free or where you have a digital copy on Steam. Even DOS games - do you make an .ISO file of the CD and throw out the original? I am guessing on this board filled with collectors the answer is going to be "no way", but...