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Thread: New TMNT beat'em up announced

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tron 2.0 View Post
    TMNT Shredders Revenge is a getting a physical again but as the anniversary edition with the recent dlc included.You can preorder it directly from lrg or amazon.
    Wow, it's been a year already?! Glad they'll have the DLC included (and hopefully all the bug fixes).

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    Quote Originally Posted by YoshiM View Post
    Wow, it's been a year already?! Glad they'll have the DLC included (and hopefully all the bug fixes).
    I bought the dlc back in august via the PS4 version of the game but i don't know if i encounter any bugs at all.Beside i manage to max out all the characters to level ten for the survivors mode and the recent added kari and usagi.Still,i'm glad i passed on the original physical release i will probably buy the anniversary edition for the switch this time around.

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    Honestly when "Scott Pilgroom" was made it was amazing. Because it was an original game.
    However these TMNT is not better looking. Yes the sprites have lots of work done to them, but the
    game looks like the "Gameboy/SD" ( they are super-deformed ) somehow rather then being realistic,
    or matches the look or feel of the earlier games. In fact somebody ( right now over time ) is making
    a "Beats of Rage" remake of the original TMNT game and the Sprites are beautiful. April, Turtles,
    etc all look like the way they should ( more reasonable ) look.

    I just feel while the art is "good", it was not done with the heart in mind towards the original series or respect to the consumer. I feel something is wrong with the art-direction. While April is playable it just feels unatural all together. It is like Chung-Li in the original "Street-fighter ll". Women might be tuff but side by side ( like a PPC v. Intel with same parameters ) no. The original made the statement clear, while this game is more like the Intel with the ability to stay at 10W-15W when not being used, while the
    PPC is running at 80-100W even when idling. Again side-by-side the answer is no. April could defend herself to a certrain degree but not going to happen with mutant freaks of nature.

    Quote Originally Posted by gbpxl View Post
    The problem I had with SoR4 is they made Axel into this overweight guy with a beard. Axel in SoR2 was a clean cut, athletic dude. kinda nitpicky I know but I dont wanna play as the fire breathing guy who can barely get himself up off the ground, I wanna play as the guy beating him up

    IDK man I think they a did decent job of Axel "progression" for his generation. Look at "MetalJesus" then and now. He gets %9000 respect for him with the make-up on and instruments when he was a broke-working-stiff, straight out of a rockstar working the mail-room. Other-day I saw a guy who literally looked like Axel ( like ten years ago ). Guy was up there in his age but man he was angry looking, could not stand anybody looking at him, called people "gay", and a stereotypical dressed Jewish fellow "vampire". Had the jeans-jacket, beard, and smell bad like he did not bath. That being said the "Jeans-jacket" for some reason get people off in my area. A local street-gang member was like "your going to beat me up". For years in media they market that same jacket in prison systems. but in places like Eastern-Europe it seems to be a normal trend for men ( EE girls looking at me a lot just for dressing up like that ). It is mostly the "older" people getting the negative reaction from the Jeans-Jacket. Beyond that Axel looks okay. I mean great they decided to age-him and give him a beard.

    I understand what you are saying. Why can't Jaun-Claude-Vandame go back to doing under-ground fights inside drained pools? Well when he got K.O.ed by some Japanese martial artist who could be his
    kid by three times I beg to differ, makes you think about Muhammed Ali and how that martial-artist kicked his legs, which turned him into a punching bag for the rest of his career.
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