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It's been a while but it seemed like Ryo, after getting his rear handed to him and having his father die at the hands of the same foe, knew he couldn't go and kick ass and take names. He had a calm head on his shoulders and had to do his obe-track-minded detective search. Since Shenmue was supposed to have many "episodes", I wonder if this more slow approach wasn't far off from a "Kung Fu" (TV series) where Ryo walks his native and foreign lands, learning and helping others on his quest?
A lot of people point out how the basic plot of Shenmue is basically taken from any random 1970's Kung Fu movie, it seriously is generic like that.

I do think it would have worked better like a TV series type of premise, a "wandering soul" kind of show which isn't exactly a unique premise either. He could have got revenge for his father and defeated this specific villain, but then continue on with his quest, as the real quest would be for continued personal growth. But no, instead he's still working towards defeating this one specific person, and never does. So many shows and film series do this basic concept better; like Kung Fu, Zatoichi, The Incredible Hulk(1978), The Fugitive, The Littlest Hobo, etc. Really any type of villain-of-the-week type of show where the main protagonist travels around would work, there needs to be some actual resolve to the story he's currently facing while still leaving it open ended for more to come after.

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Or if they saw a car the night when the rain turned to snow....
Yes, specifically asking about "that" night. As if random people would know what night he was talking about because there could only be one night like "that" night. It's like talking about "That Man" from Excel Saga, only Excel Saga was meant to be a parody.

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I did enjoy seeing if Sega put a limit on how many sodas Ryo could drink. Alas he didnt politely decline nor did his bladder burst at about 20 drinks in one sitting. Incredible control over his body.
I wish the game was more realistic and would have Ryo gain weight based on what he consumed in game, like that fan Sonic game where you ate onion rings and got fat. If only they focused on this mechanic over opening random drawers.