So I own over 300 games on the PS4 and after thinking at one point that the PS4 has more quality retail games that I've played than any other console I decided to make a series of videos showing 25 retail PS4 games in five minutes. I actually got the idea from those 100 games in 10 minute videos. However, it's also games that exclusively get a physical release. Some games I'm not going to include, my copy of Darkest Dungeon for instance doesn't start without crashing, the disc is literally worthless without the patch. However, most of the games that I've played, I do so without adding any patches to see how they work without patches and most don't have any major issues, if they do I won't include them.

So with 25 games in five minutes, there's 12 seconds per game to get a good idea on how it plays, atleast for the most part. Unfortunately visual novels, story based games, strategy games, and turn based RPGs are a bit difficult to show off a bit how they play, but I do my best to atleast show something with them. It's a bit easier to show action games. I'm pretty proud about how good at video games as well, so for some of the games I've completed already I'll actually play to a specific section and specifically go for something that looks good and shows what the game can do. For games I'm currently playing through I'll just save a video and collect footage from that.

So anyways, I think you guys will appreciate it because spend atleast 20 minutes watch the videos and you'll likely see something you're interested in you haven't yet played. Some of the games are unfortunately limited, many of them aren't.

Some of these are also on Switch and Xbox One.