I played this in about 2001 - 2002, on my G3 iMac. I'm not sure where exactly I downloaded it. I was downloading a lot of games from TuCows at the time, but I tried finding this game in their archives multiple times, to no avail. I thought that the game was called "Ogg," but perhaps not.

The game's a top-down perspective game, and you control this short and chubby blond and balding character who looks shorter than a Hobbit. You're supposed to go around the screen eating things, I think green things, while avoiding purple radiation squares that spread over the field. You have some electronic thing on your back, or maybe you're a robot. You can use "Ogg Burst" (an energy burst that resembles your character) to clear the field of anything around you, unless you're infected with radiation; if you are, you'll just spread radiation everywhere.

You can also eat runners, who (if they're trapped and can't move) will explode and leave more radiation. Strangely, the runners are smaller than your character, if I remember correctly.

I remember it was made by a 15 to 17 year old at the time, and his name was "Jonathan" or "Jeremy" or something similar. It had a cartoon drawing of someone, probably him, laying on his back and elbow while wearing a green shirt. I don't remember when exactly the game was developed, but I vaguely get the feeling that the game said "1998" in the opening screen. Perhaps it was made then, perhaps it wasn't.

- Austin