The PS3 and Vita stores live to see another day after consumer backlash, but the PSP store still slated to close on July 2nd. I picked up a PSP for kicks on eBay that I am waiting to come in so I can stuff it with some cheap digital games before they close the store on July 2nd. As a newcomer to the system, some games for the system caught my eye as potentially worthwhile purchases before the shop goes down and as UMD purchases later:

Power Stone Collection
Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles
Tekken 2
Metal Slug XX
Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX
Ultimate Ghosts n Goblins
Castlevania Chronicles (Is this on PSP?)
Lunar: Silver Star Story
Crazy Taxi Wars

Outrun 2006 Coast 2 Coast
After Burner Black Falcon
Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron

What are your favorite games for the PSP?