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Thread: FS: Long time no see - finally time to clear out the ol' collection. (Atari 130XE, SNES, N64, GCN, GB, GBA, more)

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    Default FS: Long time no see - finally time to clear out the ol' collection. (Atari 130XE, SNES, N64, GCN, GB, GBA, more)

    EDIT 1: I've crossed out stuff that's near completion on a deal, will have more to post though, a LOT more!

    EDIT 2: One deal went through, many items back up for sale!

    No sob story, nothing bad happening. But I do have plans to make a rather significant distance move to another country in the upcoming year and while it's about a year out it is high time to clear out everything I don't want to drag with me! It's been a while since I've done this so to start I'm sticking with shipping in the US only, and once I get my bearings and back into the whole shipping things out thing I might open up to international assuming there's even any interest!

    I've made an imgur folder for anyone wanting extra looks at the labels and how specifically good they look, but will embed the group images of carts just for visual listing ease. I'm open to bundling items or going item by item and we can work out discounts for larger orders. All prices are negotiable I'm just setting everything at 75% of VGPC as a baseline. Minimum purchase of $10 though please. Shipping not included in price, but we can discuss your preferred way of getting items and go from there.

    I have great feedback both here and on AtariAge. I'll have a very few amount of wants at the bottom in case anyone wants to trade. I am really looking to just make space though so I have less crap to lug around I also have a massive wave coming with PS1/PS2/XBOX/GCN games so if any of those are your thing, keep an eye out. I also have a massive INTV carts with folded down boxes and random instructions and overlays, something like 30-40 games. If this interests anyone let me know, I'll take pics and it'll be cheap. I can't test the carts and they take up a LOT of space!

    Wave 2 is here:

    WAVE 2

    Imgur album with more detailed pics:

    Please check imgur album for condition of labels and conditions - if you want more pics let me know!

    ReLoaded: $15.50 (SOLD)

    Cool Boarders 2: $4 (SOLD)

    Tomb Raider II: $8 (SOLD)

    Syphon Filter (GH): $6.50

    Gran Turismo 2: $5

    Pac-Man World: $11

    One: $9

    Star Wars Jedi Power Battles: $9

    Tomb Raider III: $8 (SOLD)

    Virtual Pool: $2

    Metal Gear Solid: $34.50 (SOLD)

    Ridge Racer R4: $22.50 (SOLD)

    Crash Bandicoot: $24.50 (SOLD)

    You Don't Know Jack: $4.50

    Frogger 2: $9 (SOLD)

    The Next Tetris: $4.50

    Final Fantasy Tactics (disc only): $13

    Twisted Metal (GH): $26

    3Xtreme: $6

    Crash: Warped (cracked case): $8 (SOLD)

    Final Fantasy VII (mismached inserts check imgur album, top side black, bottom side GH): $24 (SOLD)

    Final Fantasy IX: $17 (SOLD)

    Spider-man (GH): $17

    Suikoden (case and disc, no manual): $30 (SOLD)

    Tekken 2: $13 (SOLD)

    Legend of Dragoon (disc only): $18

    Interactive CD demo vol. 3: $3.50

    Lunar SSS demo: $18

    Wave 1 IMGUR album for more pictures from various angles, and proof of save files working where appropriate:

    WAVE 1.5 (scroll down for Wave 1 stuff):

    Imgur album with more detailed pics:

    Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - PSX - DISC DOES NOT WORK - it has a hairline crack on the bottom side making it unreadable. As such I'm posting this as box/manual only and you get a borked disc for free. $130

    Mario Party 4 GCN - $75

    Final Fantasy IV DS complete - $21

    Animal Crossing (kids got to the manual and faintly you can see writing on the disc as well. No mem card, onlywise complete - $35

    Luigi's Mansion (Player's Choice) case and disc only - $32

    Luigi's Mansion (original, complete) - $41 (SOLD)

    Super Monkey Ball 2 (complete) - $28.50

    Youtube video showing SIO2USB cable working with AspeQT loading ATR files:

    Atari 130XE w/ SIO2USB cable, composite/commodore monitor cable, OG power brick

    Atari 130XE NTSC version, original power brick, SIO2USB cable I got here on the forums years ago and still working (see youtube video above), composite-and-Luma composite monitor cable... it works with a CRT in pure composite (yellow video, white audio) but it also works with the Commodore 1701 in the back with the chroma/luma inputs using the other RCA cords.

    I can't really seem to find a reliable price source for this so on this one item, please pitch offers.

    Super Nintendo games (cart only, any carts with save features still work):

    Super Return of the Jedi - $11.50 (SOLD)

    Lion King - $8.50

    Actraiser 2 - $26.00 (SOLD)

    Donkey Kong Country - $15.50

    Tetris 2 - $7.50 (SOLD)

    Gradius III - $11 (SOLD)

    Super Mario All-Stars - $18.50

    Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island - $30

    Super Mario World: $9.50 (SOLD)

    TMNT IV: Turtles in Time: $45 (SOLD)

    Nintendo 64

    Rayman 2 - $18 (SOLD)

    Waverace 64 - $9

    NBA Live 2000 - free with any purchase over $10

    Star Wars Shadows of the Empire: $10

    Namco Museum: $7.50

    NFL Blitz 2001: $15

    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1: $7.50

    Jet Force Gemini: $10 (SOLD)

    WCW/NWO Revenge: $6

    Game Boy / GBA

    Exodus - $15

    Baseball - $4.5

    Tetris - $7.50

    Navy Seals - $7.50

    Super Mario land - $10.50 (SOLD)

    Gunstar Super Heroes - $26.50

    Spirits & Spells - $22.50

    Virtual Boy

    Teleroboxer - $28.50 (SOLD)

    Panic Bomber - $49 (SOLD)

    Red Alarm (w/manual) - $25.50 (SOLD)

    Mario's Tennis (w/manual) - $19

    PC Games

    Mario Teaches Typing complete - $12.75

    Things I'd look for in trade:

    Full MiSTer kit/MiSTer parts/MiSTer case

    halfway decent cardiod USB microphone

    phantasy star collection GBA (cart only is fine, as long as it works and saves)

    Let me know if you want more pics or views of anything. Many many many more to come!

    Last edited by AB Positive; 04-27-2021 at 09:21 AM. Reason: updating what's sold

    Holy crap. It's been a while.

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