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Thread: Is it possible to play retro console games online?

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    Default Is it possible to play retro console games online?

    Most people here know that X-Band made this possible back in the 90s, but for those of us who don't have an X-Band adapter, is there a way to connect an actual SNES and original cartridge to the internet in order to play with someone online? I would really like to be able to play Mortal Kombat 2 or Street Fighter 2 on original hardware and play it online.

    I am sure the answer is no and, yes, I know I can go the emulator route, I just want to know if anyone has tried this. I don't like to have to download a ROM and then worry about Nintendo sueing me for millions of dollars, or giving anyone a reason to search my computer if there is some sort of evidence that I illegally downloaded a ROM.

    I also know you can do this on the Switch but I am not a huge fan of the controller. I will probably go that route for now at least, but the multiplayer games I want are not on there unfortunately.
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    Dreamcast can for playing on private severs long as you have a dreamcast-pi it's pretty much a raspberry pi setup to work with the console.The other being the netlink adapter for sega saturn but it only has five games that make use of it.

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    Here are the classic systems that have servers with the ability to connect to original hardware currently running:

    [U]Dreamcast[/U -

    Wiimmfi for Nintendo DS and Wii
    Check out these websites:

    On Nintendo DS, nothing more than setting the DNS to a custom server that points to the Wiimmfi servers. Works for games like Mario Kart DS with ease. However, you must also be able to connect to Wifi that has WEP encryption or less.

    On Nintendo Wii, you have to patch individual games and WADs in order to connect online with them. The Wii supports newer Wifi encryption so can connect to most routers. However, you must have the Homebrew Channel installed. For more info, check out the Wiimmfi and RiiConnect24 Discords.

    XLink Kai: (Need a USB adapter that is compatible). Separate service that spoofs a LAN connection between systems, but is actually over the internet. Works with the following systems and then some:

    Xbox 360

    Sega Saturn Netlink

    SNES and Genesis:
    XBand Modem -

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