So its something I've wondered all my life.

I've played dozens of baseball video games and to be honest, they're all the same... or at least all have the same problem: they feel like they come down to pure luck. How are you supposed to know when to throw a curveball, or when to swing the bat high or low... it often feels like all you can do is go for it and pray.

And I've never seen a baseball video game that changed my mind.

And yet apparently some are highly regarded. For example I hear people talk about Baseball Stars as if its the awesomest thing ever, and yet.... well, I tried it and I didn't see a damn thing that made it better than Bases Loaded or whatever.

To me the only Baseball games that make sense are those ones where you swing an actual bat or a wiimote.

But I dunno. Am I just playing these wrong, or maybe I really am just playing the wrong ones? Got any thoughts on this?