here are some boxlots i am looking to sell. media rate shipping is included in all the prices.

Playstation games lot (all are complete)
bugs bunny lost in time
crash bandicoot 3
crash bash
gran turismo
rayman rush
$37.00 shipped

Dreamcast games lot(all are complete)
alien front online
crazy taxi
disney's donald duck goin' quackers
smash pack
tomb raider last revelation
V8 second offense
$45.00 shipped

genesis games lot (conditions vary)
Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle (CO)
Bulls vs. Lakers and the NBA Playoffs(CO)
College Football's National Championship (CO)
College Football's National Championship II (CO)
David Robinson's Supreme Court (W/manual)
Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls (complete)
Eternal Champions (w/ manual)
Ex-Mutants( w/box)
IMG International Tour Tennis (complete)
Joe Montana II: Sports Talk Football (CO)
John Madden Football '92 (CO)
Lakers versus Celtics and the NBA Playoffs(CO)
Madden NFL 94 (CO)
MLBPA Baseball (CO)
NFL 95 (CO)
NHL All-Stars Hockey '95(CO)
NHL Hockey (CO)
The Revenge of Shinobi(w/box)
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (w/manual)
Sports Talk Baseball (CO)
Tommy Lasorda Baseball(CO)
Tony La Russa Baseball(CO)
$30.00 shipped

gameboy advance package
GBA system (indigo)
wide grip rechargable battery pack
army men advance (CO)
iridion 3d (complete)
$65.00 shipped

bently compuvision (pong-age system) complete in box $25.00 shipped

Activision TV classics (10 activision games built in to a controller) $10.00 shipped

Mega Gun Jr 10000-in-1 (60 some games built into a controller. includes second controller for 2 player; unliscensed) $30.00 shipped

pelican gamestation arcade (15 games built in, very nice quality) $25.00 shipped

or take the bently, activision, mega gun, and gamestation all for $80.00 shipped!

>>>>>manuals and boxes. all manual are complete but conditions will vary! boxes, except genesis/sms, will be mailed flat (no inserts unless requested + extra postage costs)<<<<<

playstation manuals lot
resident evil
SF rush
tekken 3
twisted metal 4
wreckin' crew
pga 98
pitfall 3d
ray tracers
R2R round 2
soul reaver
virtual pool
C&C red alert
need for speed high stakes
star wars dark forces
star wars rebel assault 2
tecmo's deception
tomb raider
twisted metal (lrge size)
wipeout (large size)
$25.00 shipped

sega master system manuals/boxes
paperboy (m)
choplifter (M)
blade eagle 3d(M)
alien syndrome (M)
great baseball (M)
double dragon(M)
great baseball (B)
r-type (B)
rocky (B)
double dragon (B)
$12.50 shipped

NES manuals/boxes
alpah mission (M)
skate or die (M)
al unser racing (M)
heavy shreddin' (M)
karate kid (M)
knight rider (M)
lee trevino's golf (M)
little nemo (M)
mickey mouscapade(M)
ring king (M)
rc pro am (M)
section z (M)
street fighter 2010 (M)
tmnt 2 arcade game (M)
tetris (x2 M)
toobin (M)
vice project doom (M)
win lose or draw (M)
winter games (M)
wwf (M)
peter pan & the pirates (B)
romance of the 3 kingdoms (B)
star trek 25th ann (B)
$25.00 shipped

SNES manuals/boxes
knights of the round (x2 M)
killer instinct (x2 M)
mortal kombat (M)
metal warriors (M)
mechwarrior 3050 (M)
lock on(M)
jurassic park (M)
inspector gadget (M)
incredible hulk (M)
crash dummies (M)
gods (M)
first samurai (M)
dragon's lair (M)
Dracula (M)
doomsday warrior(M)
donkey kong country 3(M)
donkey kong country (M)
desert strike(M)
clay fighter 2(M)
warlock (M)
ys 3 (M)
tetris attack(M)
super turrican (M)
super mario all-star/super mario world(M)
sim earth (M)
shadowrun (M)
wings 2(M)
lester the unlikely (M)
mortal kombat 3(M)
black bass (x2 B)
star wars (B)
virtual bart (B)
smartball (B)
spider-man/x-men (B)
empire strikes back (B)
yoshi's safari (B)
wordtris (B)
justice league (B)
liberty or death (B)
jurassic park part 2 (B)
side pocket (B)
dragon's lair (B)
daffy duck (B)
beavis and butthead (B)
bass masters classic (B)
alien v. predator (B)
might and magic 3 (B)
king of dragons (B)
mario's time machine (B)
MK2 (B)
MK (x2 B)
mickey mania (B)
pitfall (B)
dungeon master (B)
mega man x (B)
monopoly (B)
bart's nightmare (B)
$65.00 shipped

N64 boxes/manuals
banjo tooie(M)
battle tanx global assualt(M)
chameleon twist 2 (M)
1080 (M)
army men sarge's heroes (M)
destruction derby (M)
extreme g(M)
f-1 world grand prix (M)
f-zero x(M)
fighters destiny (M)
guantlet legends (M)
goldeneye (x2 M)
gt64 (M)
hexen (M)
mario party (M)
monster truck madness(M)
rainbow 6(M)
rampage world tour (M)
perfect dark (M)
sf rush (M)
rogue squadren (M)
top gear overdrive (M)
turok (M)
winback (M)
wipeout 64 (M)
world driver championship (M)
turok (B)
gex 3 (B)
excitebike (B)
winback (B)
beetle adv. racing (B)
V8 2nd offense (B)
SW ep.1 racer (B)
SW: battle for naboo (x2 B)
rampage universal tour (B)
monopoly (B)
world driver champiuonship(B)
california speed (B)
1080 (B)
destruction derby (B)
army men sarge's heroes(B)
wheel of fortune (B)
wailai CC golf (B)
rugrats scavenger hunt (B)
powerpuff girls (B)
monster truck madness (B)
KO kings 2000 (B)
cybertiger (B)
bass hunter (B)
wave race (B)
disney tetris challenge(B)
chameleon twist 2(B)
cruis'n usa (B)
bomberman 64 (B)
tigger's hunny hunt(B)
monaco GP(B)
mario party (B)
jet force gemini (B)
banjo kazzoie (B)
MK4 (B)
gex 64 (B)
$55.00 shipped

i will give discounts to multiple lot purchases. i will trade for genesis/32x/n64 games (but i will expect offers to be somewhat more generous than my cash prices). snes/n64/nes boxes will be mailed flat. if you want what inserts i have for the boxes, you will be responsible for shipping costs, otherwise media rate shipping is included.