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Thread: Just bought a 3DO

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    It wasn't Sonic that sold Genesis, it was Madden (and other sports games).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gentlegamer View Post
    It wasn't Sonic that sold Genesis, it was Madden (and other sports games).
    That's an important point. I'm not sure which was most important in selling Genesises, but I would definitely say sports games (especially EA) and Sonic both played a huge role. However, most of the sports games (including Madden for most of the generation) were available on SNES as well.

    Before I get too far off on a tangent, Madden did make it on to 3DO as well, and it was pretty well reviewed. Surprisingly, for a system developed by a cousin to EA (EA and 3DO were founded by the same guy), EA Sports didn't show the 3DO a lot of love. Fifa International Soccer, Foes of Ali, and PGA Tour 96 were the only other EA Sports games to make it onto the console. EA themselves published plenty of games for the system, though.

    Mis-timed or not, I feel like the 3DO could have done quite a bit better if it launched at $400, or even $500, in 1993, getting down to $300 or lower by holiday 1994. Targeting a November launch date instead of the October 4th date would have also helped matters, allowing for a more decent launch lineup (instead of just Crash n' Burn). Still, the PlayStation would have mopped the floor with the 3DO starting in fall 1995. I've said this before, but selling the 3DO as a budget console in 1996-1997 might have earned them a few extra sales. The 3DO sold only 2 million units; even if they did everything as I said, they probably would have gotten to 5 to 7 million.

    However, if the 3DO had launched at say, $400 in late 1994 with PS1 levels of horsepower on board and a decent launch library, it could have done really well, offering a true next-gen experience at a semi-affordable price. While Sony and Sega piddled around with only offering their next-gen systems in the land of the rising sun for holiday 1994 shoppers, 3DO could have made bank in the West with gamers looking for a true next-gen experience before dropping that price to $299 in 1995 to match Sony's launch price. Sony would have had a hard fight on their hands, but probably still would have come out ahead sales-wise.

    Even as it is, the 3DO has 263 games, an amazing library for something that sold so poorly.
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