😎Yay! Finally my little “retro gaming” corner is pretty much complete! The first image displaying Dragon Spirit on my TG-16 is the final setup after cleaning, rewiring and organizing.
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Second image with SuperNES Lemmings displayed was starting to come together, added the little BOSE SPEAKER which packs more punch then the tinny sounding TV speakers, I compared and it provides the rich deep arcade cabinet sound which compliments this sharp little Toshiba crt.

Also, added a nice AV SWITCHER with blue LED display, I’ve had it for years doing very little with it, I like it as it match’s the TV and even my Retrobit RetroTrio which are all silver for that classic electronics aesthetic.
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The last image is what I started with, a mess, cluttered, dusty, unorganized but I spent the day with the goal of getting this long overdue project completed. Finally satisfied overall, it’s not much but at least it’s something!
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I have literally no room for my hobby stuff but this tiny little retro gaming corner is at least something and I got SNES/Genesis/NES covered with the RetroTrio with a Tg-16 underneath and Everdrives carts for all of them. With this setup I can easily add in my Dreamcast or Ps1/Ps2/GameCube etc when needed. I look forward to actually playing and enjoying my systems.