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Thread: How many Game Boys do you own?

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    Default How many Game Boys do you own?

    I have three.

    - Game Boy Pocket (black)
    - Game Boy Advance SP (graphite/black?)
    - Game Boy Advance SP AGS-101 (blue pearl)

    I'd like to get a teal GBC, a gray DMG, and a transcluscent purple GBA since those are the ones I had growing up. Would also like to get a Micro. My friend let me borrow his Famicom multicart that I would play on that.
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    Glacier blue GBA
    A modded orange original GBA (took a screen out of a beat up GBA Advanced 001-it looks OK)
    Pearl blue(?) GBA AGS 101

    Like you I’d like to get the original for fun’s sake but not sure it’d see any play.

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    I've owned a bunch over the years, I've wheeled and dealed them away as I pare down my collection as I got none now.

    1992-1997 - "Gray Brick" - I painted it red when the Play it Loud series came out and ran it into the ground hardcore with all the Mario games I had
    1997-2003 - "Ice Blue Limited Edition (with box) - An ex griflriend stole this from me, I'm STILL pissed about it, that was my favorite version
    2006-2020 - "Gray Brick #2" - I bought this at Goodwill in TERRIBLE shape for $5 and fixed it up, played the heck out of it, sold it last year for a nice chunk
    2006-2013 - "Play It Loud Red" - I Bought this missing the battery cover in fairly nice condition, and sold it later with a replacement cover on e-bay
    2006-2011 - "Play It Loud Transparent" - I bought this one, at Goodwill like the other two for $5, but this one was parted out as the casing was in awful shape
    2007-2017 - "Silver Pocket" - Bought at a thrift shop, I played it more than the gray brick, sold it at Half Price books in 2017 with my only color
    2008-2017 - "Slime Green Color" - Only Gameboy Color I ever had and I never had a single color game, I sold it in 2017 at Half Price Books

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    I have a silver Gameboy Advance SP. Thought I was getting a great deal on it from Sam Goody back in summer of 2004 for $60.. then the next year the AGS 101 backlit model came out. Still works great though, and seems to hold a charge forever.

    Was gifted a silver Gameboy Pocket Christmas of 1996, but somewhere around 2000 it fell behind my recliner and I rocked back directly on the screen. Didn't learn my lesson, and later rocked back on a copy of F-Zero X as well. Then I cleaned up my room.

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