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Thread: 1943 (NES): Hiroshige Tonomura (Perorin)?

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    Default 1943 (NES): Hiroshige Tonomura (Perorin)?

    I hint that much of the re-scoring of the music (meaning those scored by Kumi Yamaga for the arcade release), as well as some of the original songs heard in the NES version of 1943: The Battle of Midway, were likely done by Hiroshige Tonomura (or "Perorin"), and I think I know why:
    The ending theme you hear after destroying Totaku the second time around -- during the sequence that starts off with your hero telephoning his wife -- has a similar chord progression as the Moon stage theme from the NES DuckTales.
    The sound effect that plays when you get a power-up item is the same sound that plays when Mrs. Beakley drops her ice cream cones for Scrooge in DuckTales.

    However, I believe the boss theme heard during the sea battles was done by Manami Matsumae ("Manami Ietel") since that sounds like the Dr. Wily's Castle theme (stages 3-4) from the first Mega Man game.

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