hey all i'm not sure what to ask for these. i'm not going to ship these items so i am selling locally but i'm in an area with a huge collector market to where people could drive to get the items in a short time
so yea, not selling on here, sorry. too bulky fragile.

Any way i have a virtual boy rental kit i think from blockbuster, the case is missing the handle but the area around the handle mount isnt damaged and the case is in good shape, original foam intact and not tore up. The system in it is fully functional and as far as i know never opened up, the stand is not cracked, the controller is in good shape and has the AC adapter pack with an AC adapter.

I also have a boxed VB, Headset is working but has been opened for a repair, controller is a little rough on the edges but works well, stand is cracked in the usual place but still intact. egg carton like insert is a little deformed, still has the cardboard for the top of the insert that has the duracell promo on it a few baggies and warranty card. the serial number on the box does not match the unit inside or any unit i own

i'm also going to include a 3rd headset, headset only, no controllers visor or any thing but repaired like the boxed one, its in overall good shape, a scratch on the front and missing one of the rubber nintendo logos on the side.

Mario tennis for the game

as a lot together i'm not sure what to ask.
i have a number in mind but i'm not sure if its too high or too low. Most of the value comes from the rental case i know that, and the fact that all 3 are working at the moment but as we all know that could change quickly and need to be redone again the box is pretty rough so i dont think it would add much.

the ribbons for the display units are in good shape, i used an iron with a rag in between to get it to work. it worked well and even after i installed them i partially assembled them and wiggled the ribbons and none of them flickered